Goals for July

I don’t wanna bore Ya’ll with my weekly updates, so with the new month starting tomorrow, I bring you….. MEG’s MONTHLY GOALS.

healthy-foods-exercise-happy monster

“Meg the Happy Healthy Monster”

Get Fit Training schedule looks like this:

  • At least 4 workout sessions a week – Body pump, Runs, Races, Super circuit, Gym, anything that gets me sweaty and losing weight, toning and getting FIT!
  • I have two races planned for this month – Pirates 10km and the Kaya FM 67km Relay for Mandela Day (just doing 6.7km)

Get Happy Goals:

  • I will be carrying on with my YOU Challenge each week for July.
  • I want to try and plan to see friends more often – have more braai’s and dinners.
  • Photography
  • Craft projects around the house – thanks to pinterest I have plenty!

Get Healthy Goals:

  • Keep trying new healthy recipes
  • Cutting out/ limiting the bad food
  • Drink 4 x 750ml water a day
  • Pack a  healthy Lunch with Protein Shake for work each day
  • No Starch meals for dinner at least 3 times a week

What are your goals for July?


6 thoughts on “Goals for July

  1. Bo says:

    These are pretty cool goals. I also need to drink more water. So tough in winter, currently downing too many cups of tea. If I can lose this niggling cough, I’ll see you at Pirates on Sunday!


    • Thanks! I love your goal too! My July will definitely be busy too, and going with the flow is definitely needed! Think I may add yours to my monthly goals too 🙂


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