The YOU Challenge – 7 Wants

My folks always taught us the very big difference between want and need. For us, we needed EVERYTHING as kids, but really when you look at the bigger picture, a lot were just wants. Like I really needed a lot of barbies as a kid (and truth is I had every kind) but that’s not life and death right? So plotting what my 7 wants are is a rather hard task because everything I say I want I don’t really need. But we can dream right?

no limitaions1. I really would love/ want to own an Audi one day. I have a fairly standard reliable good- ol’ Toyota but it does have the flash Audi has. Plus I really want a car with electric windows (especially on days when I work arms).

audi-cars-logo-emblem2. I want to travel the world, I want to say I have been to every continent and explored as much as possible.

3. I would love to own a really expensive handbag, at least once in my life – I probably will never because I cant see myself spending money like that on a handbag.

4. I want a wine collection that I will never finish, a never ending supply of really great wine. Yum. Wine.

5. I want to be able to wear a bikini with confidence this coming summer!

6. I want a walk in closet like the one in sex in the city, with a shoe rack and matching bags and awesome clothes

7. I want to get married, this is something thatI know will happen, it’s just rings and weddings and all that stuff is expensive and we always seem to have more important stuff going on, like getting financially healthy! I know we will get there though, and I cannot wait!

What do you most want?


2 thoughts on “The YOU Challenge – 7 Wants

  1. Hmmm… if I had answered this a year ago my answers would be totally different. This point in my life? I’d like to take a vacation to a beach out of the country. I’d like to have a makeover. Head to toe. That might be my biggest…


  2. Nats says:

    Hey Megz

    Nice set of achievable wants you have there  !!

    This made me think…

    1. I want a house with a garden (…one day we will have this)
    2. I want a dog (I love dogs…you look at them and you feel LOVE straight away – need a garden to have a dog)
    3. I want to want to gym – get fit – healthy – toned!
    4. I want 2 babies (but that all depends on finances in the future and what God has planned for us – and changing Scott’s mind :p)
    5. I want new clothes! (always)
    6. I want real friends
    7. I want to live closer to my family (it’s hard being far away from them…my parents are getting old and I realise I’ve spent so many years away from them, and now they’re having a grandchild that they will hardly ever see )

    That wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be!

    But those are the things I want the most!



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