Recap on Pirates 10km

Pirates 10km will always hold a special place in my heart, it was the first ever 10km race I had ever run, which was last year, so naturally I had to run it again this year. I have mentioned it a bit, but lately I have been getting quite severe calf cramps when I run. I got them alot last year, but over time it went away. This leads me to believe that it’s because I am unfit, so I have been pushing on, trying to work it out. However, I decided after my poor training run on Tuesday this week that maybe I have been pushing too hard so I stopped running and eased off my legs. Then I got sick, oh woe is me, genuinely I felt like I was a bit of a let down this week. But today I woke up feeling strong so I made the last minute call to run Pirates, and I am glad I did.

Here is the breakdown of the race:

Distance: 10km, it’s a lovely route, really truly. Some mean hills to start with, and then a gentle downhill to the finish. The only thing that gets me is hitting the parking lot at the end and still having run the field to finish. But maybe I’m just lazy!

Weather Conditions: Rob laughed at me when I said it was actually quite warm at 6C, not what I said last year! 🙂 I think it had alot to do with the fact that we started at 8am so not as cold as previous races this winter.

Parking/Traffic: Plenty of parking, we parked down a side road so it was quick and easy getting in and out.

Event Organisation: Well organised, we actually only picked up our races numbers before the race on account we weren’t sure if we were running or not. Queues were not bad at all. Rob’s sister and cousin actually registered on the day effortlessly.

Water Stations: There were only two on the route, perhaps could have done with one more but that’s just me.

Marshall: Really great marshalling and police presence manning the intersections and roads. Job well done.

Medal: Awesome Pirate Skull medal, plus we got a buff with pirate skulls on it!

Vibe on the route:Started off with Robs Sister, but she is alot faster than me, so she ran ahead. Bumped into Robs cousin who also ran ahead after a time. What can I say, Robs family are naturally athletic, lucky buggers! Good vibe on the road, met a lady who chirped about how even the walkers were beating us. Those walkers are flipping fast I tell you!

In the end I didn’t do a personal best, but compared to last year (which was 1hr45!) I improved ALOT!

When we came home and added our medal to our stash I realised just how far I truly have come in over a year of running… just keep running Meg, you are improving with every stride.

So what race do you hold close to you? And did you run this weekend?


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