Would you rather… ?

I found this post on one of my fave bloggers site and thought it would be fun to join in! Jenn from Runs with Pugs found it through Jesica, over at RunLadylike , who found it through Amanda at Run To The Finish, who was inspired by Amanda of Diary of a Semi-Health Nut, who all, in turn, inspired Kristin at A Mom On The Run, and so on. It’s always great to read everyone’s answers and see how runners differ across the board.

So let’s get started!

would you ratherWould you rather…

1. …run a 5k or a marathon?

I hate 5km. I dunno why. I find them packed full of people and you end up walking most of the way. Although I really do love teh parkrun which is a 5km, there seem to be less of a stampede at these. I have never done a marathon, although I am doing my first half marathon in September this year – I love doing 10km races!

2. … run a flat race in the heat or hilly race in the cold?

Give me a hilly race in the cold any day – you can always warm up when you run in the cold. But I hate running in the heat, when I go back home to Durban the humidity gets me so bad – red faced and out of breath by the first km!

3. …get new running shoes or a new running outfit?

I wanna say BOTH! But truthfully I have 2 new pairs of shoes this year, I really need new winter outfits!

4. … run a marathon without headphones or Garmin?

Without headphones, I personally hate running with music, I prefer listening to the sounds around me. I could never run without my Garmin. If its not logged on Garmin did I even run???

5. … race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?

I am all about the medal! I had to cut down the number of races I do each month just because they all add up and it gets quite costly. I like trying out new runs and I don’t mind traveling (as long as there is some bling at the end)

6. … PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?

Lately I have been having calf issues, its just not worth getting severely injured for a PR. So I’d rather finish strong!

7. … do 100 squats or 100 push ups? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]

Squats all day any day. HATE push ups!

8. …. run without socks or without sports bra?

It would have to socks but I wouldn’t like it. rather no socks than my boobs flinging everywhere 🙂

9. … run on a treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?

Around the same street block. I find a treadmill boring.

10. … run a Ragnar Relay or Marathon Relay team?

I don’t know what that is… LOL…. they both sound hectic 🙂

11. … do a naked run or naked yoga?

hmmm… naked yoga because then I can do it at home in private where no one can see me – LOL!

12. …come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st at the New York City Marathon?

WOW! Either one I’d be happy with!

13. … give up running for a 3 years to get a Boston Marathon qualifying time (BQ) or never BQ but run as much as you want? 

One of my long term goals is to do overseas marathons, Berlin/Boston/NYC…. but I’d rather run as much as I want around SA than give up running for 3 years for one marathon.

Feel free to answer all or some of these questions in the comments, or go ahead and share your own on your blog. Make sure you link back to me so I can see your responses, too!


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