A Realistic Finish Time

I am trying to plan in my mind and in my training what my goal finish time will be for my first ever half marathon. Its not only a physical obstacle of training for a half marathon, but also the mental training I need to do as well. Part of this mental training is setting realistic goals and planning on how I reach them.

goal without a plan is a wishI am already starting to worry and stress that perhaps this goal to run 21km is tad out of reach for me. What with my cramping calves issue, its really messing with my time, and subsequently messing with my head. But I figure the best way to avoid disappointment is to work with a realistic goal.

There are a few websites on the net that help you work out what your time will be or what your pace should be to finish in a certain time. You can check out these sites which I found very helpful:

Having looked at my current pace, and my time for a 10km, I have my eyes on a sub 3hr prize for my first half marathon. Even if it is 2hrs 59min 59 sec! But the fact is, whatever my time is for my first half, it will be PR and I need to remind myself of this, that this is a first of many and there will always be room to improve in the next half marathon race.

sub 3 hour half marathonWhat is the best time you have done for your first half marathon? Any advice you can share?


10 thoughts on “A Realistic Finish Time

  1. Annie says:

    Love your blog! I’m trying to get back into running again, but it’s hard sometimes. Thanks for the inspiration your blog provides.

    My first half was the Safari Half Marathon quite a few years back, and I think finished it in something like 3h20 (I misplaced my running log book, so not too sure). I did it with a friend, and we didn’t really train, we did lots of walking.

    I really think you will be able to do yours in sub 3 hours. You are rocking your training at the moment, and you still have a few weeks left.

    You can do it! Good luck!


    • Thanks so much Annie! this blog really keeps me accountable! I did my 3km training run this am and off to do RPM this eve – so hoping for a sub 3hr with all this training, but will have to see as I get closer to D-Day. Thanks so much for following my journey! Good luck with your training, if you are ever in the Johannesburg area we can run together! πŸ™‚


  2. After all the IG interactions, I finally visited your blog πŸ™‚
    Excited to be following your journey. I’ve only just started running the 5K park runs. I need to get myself mentally ready for a 10K!


  3. My first half was to finish- but I had the 3 hour mark in mind and I was only over by 3 minutes. Plus because it was sooo crowded my gps had me going almost a half more more due to all the weaving I did! lol. Also don’t forget to take time to enjoy the race (take some pictures, post on your social sites and of course a wait in line at a porta potty. One of my last ten mile training runs had to be inside in a treadmill and I even got off a couple times and made a potty stops with the clock running and posted a few times on FB! Just to include it all! You will do great! Keep up the training.


  4. Bo says:

    This post really resonated with me. My entire blog is centered around the fact that I run so slowly that the walkers in road races come past me as if I am standing still! My average time for a half marathon is just under 3 hours. But like only by 2 mins or so.My PB is 2h48 but generally, i’m in that sub-3 hour bus. And I’ve been running for almost 5 years now! Yowzer! But as all my family & friends (supporters) tell me, hey, it’s 21.1km. That’s pretty awesome so the time doesn’t matter. You’re on a cool training schedule so I’m sure you’ll be great! I’ve never run the Gerald Fox because I’m not too fond of training in winter but i’ve done the 10km before. It’s great and I hope to see you there! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Bo, its amazing how supportive other runners are to each other but in the end we are our own toughest critics! you have a great PB time for a half! eek! I am really trying not to get nervous about it, I am putting the work in – just want to complete the dang thing now! p.s i love your blog! See you on the roads soon! X


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