Reason for the Pain

Its finally reached that point where I can no longer keep ignoring the calf pain that I get when I run. So today I am going to see two specialists, a podiatrist and a physiotherapist. Together they will look at how I run in the shoes I have (they will film me running on a treadmill) and see if perhaps see if I am wearing the wrong shoes or what else the cause for the pain in my calves can be.

I currently can’t tell you what causes it, only that when it happens it feels like a calf cramp that wraps around my ankle and goes to my feet, making my toes and feet completely numb.

I do stretching before and after I run, I even try stretch out while I am running to try alleviate the pain, nothing seems to work.

So I am going to meet these two specialists today – will keep everyone posted. I am hoping its a simple case of wrong shoes!



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