Recap on Woodmead ParkRun

So this weekend we tried out the Woodmead Park Run!
To signup  and run a park run (for free), go to their website, it’s super easy to fill in an online form and get your barcode. You need this barcode to log your time, as well as Discovery Vitality members get points back for doing this run! Its also pretty cool, that after your run you get sent an email with your break down of how you did. See mine for the run I did at Lonehill (p.s my watch clocked me as under 39minutes… but anyhow!):

lonehill park runRight so here is the breakdown for the Woodmead Park Run:

Distance: it’s was a 5km route around the woodlands office park. We were told to watch out for the animals, although I didn’t see any. 😦

Weather conditions:  It was cool out, duh it winter, but was too unbearable.

Parking/Traffic: Parking was really easy and plenty of it, in the office park. No traffic issues either. This could have been because there weren’t as many people as Lonehill.

Event Organisation/Marshalls: Volunteers weren’t on the route like Lonehill. What I liked about Lonehill was there were guys on the route cheering you on and letting you know how you were doing time wise. Otherwise it is a volunteer based event, so really I gotta remember it’s not a normal paid for race event.

Vibe on the Route: None really, I am beginning to think these park runs are for people who just wanna run and then go home. We went with a friend so we still made it fun for ourselves. I did a relatively good time considering there were so mean hills!
So that’s two park runs done – next week we will hopefully try out our third, at Delta Park! 🙂

Have you done a parkrun?


4 thoughts on “Recap on Woodmead ParkRun

  1. I chatted to a guy on Saturday about Woodmead and he complained about the weird loop.
    We’re not too social on the runs, it’s a bit early and we’re always rushing off somewhere!
    Looking forward to your review on Delta Park – I’ve run there 3 times and it’s not getting easier.


    • It was too much downhill, then extreme uphill X 2! very bizarre route. Looking forward to trying out Delta – although now an impromtu girls dinner has been set for this week Friday eve I dont think I will be running anywhere this week Saturday 🙂


  2. I do park runs regularly on a Sunday in my local park. They’re so much fun. We have a wristband that’s scanned to track your progress. I’m nowhere near your level but I think you’re doing amazingly well!! Keep up the good work x


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