Wanna check out my feet?

After my meeting last week with a podiatrist and physio, the report is in. I am heavily over pronating. Which effectively means that my feet roll in and my arch collapses.

BiomechanicsTake a look at some pics. This is my foot while I am walking (Ideally the angle needs to be closer to 180˚):

whilst walkingThis is my foot while running (barefoot):

whilst running barefootThen we tried in my current shoes (Nike Pegasus – so they are a more neutral shoe):

neutral running shoesSo it looks like I will need to get Strong anti-pronation shoes to help better support my foot.

On top of new shoes, I am also doing exercises each day to help strengthen my feet. Plus I meet with my physio once week and she is trying to loosen my fascia (now forever referred to as my spider woman suit!) which we also think is a bit faulty. FYI, most painful process to loosen those buggers up – OMG it feels as though she is digging and tearing up my leg, and she is just rubbing a small area! Incredibly painful! I tried a mild anti-pronation shoe and with this, with the exercises, I have noticed a slight improvement although I still need better shoes and more physio.

Hopefully with these corrective measures my running will improve, and so will the pain in my calves and feet. Otherwise, I am still a happy plodder/runner – do any of you have feet problems? Other running injuries?


8 thoughts on “Wanna check out my feet?

  1. I run in really minimal shoes no problem with that. I recently went to my chiropractor because of a sore hip and he told me my femoral head was turned out on my left hip. Adjusted it in 30 seconds and gave me some hamstring stretches. It has been great! Hopefully you are on the mend!


    • Yes! I got a pair of New Balance 1260’s, so they are a strong pronation shoe. So far I havent felt a massive difference to be honest. I think my legs are tired from all the training, I am actually giving myself a few more rest days this week to see if this helps too.


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