Week 4 of 12 of Half Marathon Training

How did this week go? As most of you know, I am currently training for my first ever half marathon, happening in September! So I am going to be sharing weekly updates on my training program and how I am doing.

Kim-Kardashian-Breathe-In-Inspiration-Motivational-MondayMonday: Bodypump
Tuesday: 3km run in the morning
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 6km Morning run (for some reason I thought I only had to do 6km but I needed to do 8km! Dammit!!) and Bodypump in the arvie
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Took a rest day (had a girls night the night before!!)
Sunday: It was terribly windy and cold out, and I’m battling to rid a sore throat and blocked nose, so we hit the gym instead of running outside. I did some track/treadmill intervals for 10km as well as some weights

So a total of 19km run this week, as well as some weight training. I am alternating my shoes with my Nikes as well as a mild anti-pronatory pair of shoes I am borrowing from my sister in law. So far I have limited pain this week! Hooray! The exercises and physio seem to be helping out a lot!

I kinda feel I slacked off a bit this week, didn’t keep my eye on the ball. I had a bit of a moody sad weekend mentally, my head just wasn’t where it should be. I wanted to do some RPM cycling classes this week and I missed the amount of running I was suppose to get in. I feel like I just didn’t make time for training. But I guess you are always going to have those kinds of weeks. Next week will be better!

How did your weeks goals go?


4 thoughts on “Week 4 of 12 of Half Marathon Training

  1. Bo says:

    I get like that too, some weeks I just feel as if i’ve let myself down. My body feels flat and I can’t get going. But hey, it’s a new week tomorrow! And there’s lots of time still before Gerald Fox half. Just hoping this weather starts getting warmer. Have a great week!


  2. Sounds like a good week! (Just wrote a long comment but it didn’t go through).
    How do you manage to exercise if you have a blocked nose? I just can’t! I’ve been off exercise for a week now battling a cold. Just feel like death. Managed 1 Pilates class but back to the couch for me.


    • Thanks Claudz, I have been feeling very “meh” – but not sick enough to slow down, just meh. I sometimes find running lets my nose flow (over-share!) better. So that’s why I keep working out. You sound a lot worse than me – hope you feel better soon! X


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