Setting up a Training Plan

As you guys know (and have heard TO DEATH!) I am training for my first ever half marathon.

leap of faithSo I am following a plan based on runners world 12 week program. But I thought I would share what else I am doing to get me fit to run this 21km!

I run 3 runs a week:

  • 1 x short fast pace – where I try run as fast as I can
  • 1 x medium time trial – where I try keep my pace the same as the pace I want to keep for my 21km
  • 1 x slow and steady run – where I just try finish it! LOL 🙂

I currently run in the mornings because its the best time of day to run for me personally (before my brain figures out what I am doing!) Also, the roads are quieter in the morning. My race will happen in the morning, so I am training in the right time frame for the actual race day. But with the longer distances I am having to get up earlier and earlier to try fit it in! EEK! So I may have to review and do some runs in the evenings or over lunch times.

8d144c6b6d1098d62a284e47c70dcad2I do at least 2 sessions a week of Weight Training (Les Mills BodyPump)

1f385e236db8e5d9635c46c2fae0947bI try do 2 sessions a week of HIIT cardio, that is not running. RPM is a indoor cylcing class and I really enjoy, its a variation to running, using my legs in a different way

I need 2 full rest days where I don’t think about working out and running and just recover/rest. I like taking one day during the week (Wednesday) and one on the weekend, so usually a Saturday, so I get a nice break.

So these are my goals for my training plan, so far its working out well… will keep you posted in my weekly recaps!

effortWhat training are you currently doing? Do you follow a plan or just wing it? What works for you?


5 thoughts on “Setting up a Training Plan

  1. AHHH, this is SO exciting!! I definitely followed a plan for my first two half marathons, then I got lazy and ran another three under-trained. Not my best move. I have another half in October and I just finished my first week of training using the same plan I used while training for my first half. I’m a big fan of Hal Higdon training schedules!! Yours sound awesome, keep going!


  2. How exciting! My first half marathon was so memorable, and I didn’t have a time goal at all so I just focused on enjoying the experience and it worked! I used Hal Higdon’s plans for all my halfs, but I am trying Runners World Smart Coach this time around, since it’s a bit more detailed. It sounds like you are going to be ultra prepared!


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