Running Quiz {Link Up}

Today I am linking up with Hungry Runner Girl as well as Life with a Side of Coffee and taking the running quiz!
check-box i run1.  On average how many races do you run a year? 
Last year I started running, I entered almost a race every month from July last year – So I did a lot of running last year. This year my goal is to run my first half marathon, scheduled for 21st Sept. I have already run 4 x 10km races this year. I have 2 x 10km planned for August. After my half I am sure I will run a few more races this year. I love entering races because it helps me stay the course and keep to my running goals!
Last year's running medals2.  Head accessories, things you have to run with:  a hat, a visor, sunglasses, chapstick, sunscreen, head band, ponytail, braids, sweat band? 
In winter I run with a head band and buff to keep my head and neck warm. I have to run in a tight ponytail because I hate getting my hair in my face. Other than that, I run Au Natural 🙂
3.  Where do your workouts come from?  A training plan, a coach, whatever you feel like doing that day or what your training partner is doing that day? 
I started my running life listening to advice from my boyfriend and friends who already ran. Now I am following the Runner’s World 12 week plan to my first 21km. I usually just run, no plan or coach – just whatever I feel like running but I must say I like the structure of a plan better, it helps me stick to my goals.
4.  How many KM’s on average do you put on a pair of shoes?  
Haven’t a clue, funny I mentioned this to my boyfriend just last week. Now that I have a Garmin I can better track the KM’s I get in with my shoes.
5.  Cell phone=  do you bring it with you on your run or leave it at home? 
Lately I have been running with my phone but that’s because I blog 🙂 plus its winter so the jacket I have on fits my cellphone. Otherwise I don’t normally run with my phone.
6.  What was your last running related injury or have you been an injury free runner?
OK so my readers will know all about my calf pain etc, I recently found out I was wearing the wrong running shoes. But I have been doing physio and exercises and once I have the right shoes I will be on the road to running strong without pain!
7.  Is your current running goal about running a farther distance (adding more mileage) or getting faster or BOTH?!? 
BOTH! I want to run faster but I am realistic in that it probably wont be the same day as my first 21km. I would like to get a good PB time for a 10km before the end of the year though.
8.  Speed work—->  at the track, on the treadmill, on the roads or never do it? 
I have added this to my training in the last month. I usually do my speed work on the road (lamp post to lamp post) because I don’t like the treadmill (aka deathmill).
9.  Stretching after a run:  hit the ground after a run and get stretching, stretch in the shower, stretch once you get to work/school, skip the stretching? 
Skip stretching mostly. Aside from the small exercises my physio has me doing, I generally don’t stretch. I know that’s bad, but that’s for another post.
10.  What was your reason(S) for starting to run?  
I started running last year because I wanted to take more control of my life. Its around the same time that this blog was started – I wanted to get fit, happy and healthy so one day I started running. And I really haven’t looked back. I love running, it helps me think and put things in my head into perspective. It helps with my mood and my feelings about myself too.
So who wants to link up and join the running quiz? What made you start running?

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