The YOU Challenge – 3 Films

In the spirit of being honest, I will only choose 3 films that I have specifically bought and own the DVD. SO they are truly my most treasured loved films.

1. The Breakfast Club. I bought this DVD in Canada when I was 13. After my cousin told me about it. I fell in love with movie from that day forward. I fell in love with all things 80’s/90’s movies. Molly Ringwald movies in particular. I love them. Love the music. I have watched this particular movie several million times. I am the basketcase.

the_breakfast_club_32. Little Miss Sunshine. Growll! Love this film so much!!! I can totally relate to the little girl in this movie. I only wish I had her confidence at her age!

Little-Miss-Sunshine-little-miss-sunshine-4115530-960-536 olive-little-miss-sunshine-outfit3. Dirt Dancing. Classic! The music, the dancing, the fairytale, the happy ending. LOVE. Seriously who tried that dance move in the pool as a kid?

dirty dancingWhat is your all time favourite movie?


8 thoughts on “The YOU Challenge – 3 Films

  1. Jen says:

    Definitely Dirty Dancing, but I also LOVE both of the Sex and the City movies, You’ve got Mail, Marley and Me… actually I love quite a few 🙂


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