3 Weeks No Cheats {Link Up}

For Blogness Sake Set up a 21 day no cheats challenge and I decided this is something I definitely need to try! Read about her no cheat challenge here.

So lets first classify what my “cheats” are:

  • Sugar (no dessert, candy, chocolate)
  • Snacking after dinner (only one allowed – has to be something healthy – no sugar!)

Here is what I’ll add:

  • Healthy Breakfast every day
  • Go up in weights in Bodypump
  • Workout 5 days a week (following my training plan)
  • Eat a serving (or two) of veggies with 2/3 meals
  • No Carbs 3 Dinners a week (this has seriously been slacking lately!!)

Use the below calendar to tick off each day you complete (mine is on my fridge already!)


Download it here: 3 weeks no cheats

What are your “cheats”? Don’t forget to use #3weeksnocheats on Instagram when posting about the challenge! And LET’S GO!


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