Currently {Link Up}

Sarah Sincerely recently did a “currently” post, it looked like fun, so I thought I’d join in. You can link up with Sarah here.

Current Book

Like Sarah, I haven’t picked up a book in a while, I need to get back into reading I just feel like I have too much on the go lately!

Current TV Show

Absolutely LOVE Nashville, I love all the singing, Hayden Panettiere is gorgeous and the inner country star in me loves belting out to the music in the show!
nashville-TV series

Current Excitement

I am going to become an aunty/godmother to a beautiful nephew in October, I just came back from the baby shower in Durban this passed weekend. Cannot wait to meet the little Peanut!

aunty megzCurrent Nail Color

Natural, I actually really need a mani quite badly, my nails are all sorts of lengths and really quite shocking!

 Current Exercise

Running, have I mentioned today that I am training for a half marathon? LOL. Running is in my blood baby!

running-cheaper-than-therapy-squareCurrent Bane of My Existence

Lack of sleep. Meh, I am not getting a lot of good nights sleep lately and I am someone who needs 8hrs of Zzzzz’s to be fully functional and at my best!

Current Food

During winter I crave cheesy saucy pasta but lately I have been have been trying to stay in check and so I am trying new recipes like this and this and this – YUM. Eggplant, Butternut, Mushrooms, Spinach – I could eat it all day long!

Current Drink

H20 and my protein shake – thats it basically!

Current indulgence

I have given up sugar as part of my 21 day no cheats, so my currently indulgence is dried fruit!

Dried Fruit Mix

Current Outfit

Anything with boots! I love winter because it means I can wear my fave outfit – jeggings and boots with a coat!

Current Photo

Here is me with crazy static hair (thank you Jo’burg winter) in my fave outfit

crazy hair fave outfit

What are some of YOUR Current Favorites?



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