The YOU Challenge – 1 Picture of YOU

In order to be true and honest I want to share with you a post I did last May. In the post, I uploaded my BEFORE pics. While I can see small changes to my own appearance, I still have a long way to go before I do an update on this old post. I had wanted to share the AFTER pics in this challenge, but  I want to wait until the changes are noticeable enough.

progress is a processI will do an update this year. I will. There, I have committed to a deadline.

For now, read the old post and check out my BEFORE pics.

before_back before_frontIts not fabulous – I dunno why I was smiling at the time.

I want so badly to improve, to tone up, to get some muscles. It was all about getting there, baring the truth, revealing it all last year. And this year its all about making it happen.

So stay tuned – I will get there. And when I do, these BEFORE pics will just be part of my history. My future will be in my AFTER pics.

before and afterSo this is the end of the YOU Challenge, Did you find it interesting? Link up with me if you decide to do your own challenge!


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