Thinking Out Loud Thursdays 2 {Link Up}

Following last weeks first post on Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, this will become a weekly spot! Yay! More ramblings from me! You know you are interested… 🙂

1. Tax return submitted!

Right, this is super boring, but its a little bit of admin I have gotten done with! And I am getting a payback! Yahooo! (My Credit Card is happy again!)

2. Don’t worry, Be happy!

I am sure I have mentioned this before but if I am repeating myself.. well, so what right? at the beginning of this year I was seriously in a bad space. A lot of things seemed to get me down. I have through the course of my running and training, made an attempt to worry less and be more positive. I can’t tell you what a difference it has all made! I am a lot more kinder to myself and others around me. A lot less stressed because I am exercising frequently. And a lot more happy with life because I focus on the positive stuff.


3. Dancing in my chair. *Chiggle = Chair Jiggle*

Following on from how happy I have been lately, I have noticed a slightly concerning problem lately. We have Highveld playing in the office while we work. Lately I have found myself dancing and singing in my chair. I am sure people think I am mad – it is an open plan office. But I cant seem to control myself – it happens before I even realise! woops! *Dance break*

chair dance4. Random Observation

During my run this morning we spotted several houses that didn’t have a wall or fence around them. I dunno why but this was truly a bizarre find considering we live in SA and Jo’burg no less. Are people not nervous to have no security around their property?

5. What Fuel to use?

Over the next few weeks I need to look at what to use to refuel during my run. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use? I have recently tried out Powerade Ion4, I will be writing a review on the product after this weekend’s long run. But what does everyone else use during long runs? I have a sensitive stomach and generally cant eat anything before I run. I have tried a protein shake before I run and that seemed to stay down OK. Anything too carby doesn’t agree with me. Anyway, i need to look at pre, during and post my run since I will be runner longer distances soon I will need to thinking carefully about what I use to refuel.

 What are your random thoughts for this thinking out loud Thursday?


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursdays 2 {Link Up}

  1. Yay for being in a better place! It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make to your overall happiness when you practice gratitude and make a conscious effort to focus on the positive. And girl… I’m right there with you on the chair dancing. No shame!


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