25 Things You Don’t Know About Me {Link Up}

This quiz came from Julie, who stole it from Julie, who took the idea from Tina, so I thought – why not do it myself!

1. I’m happiest when… I am in my PJ’s

2.. …Especially if… I am on our couch with my love and our pug child!
3. I’ve always wanted to… own my own business! Perhaps one day my big dreams will come true 🙂
4. My Family and I… have a wicked sense of humor. Without fail someone in our family will crack a joke and have everyone howling with laughter in seconds. We cool like that.
5. I was terrible… at maths. When I was younger, I actually purposely skipped over geometry entirely in Matric because I had no clue. Even after years of extra maths, I still get easily confused with figures.

6. My First Job was… at the local wimpy at the age of 15. I worked there for a while with a very good friend, Jen. We use to get paid an hourly rate, a burger and chips with a cold drink for lunch – it was a bargain. I still love Wimpy burgers!

PL-Wimpy27. I could probably eat … something sweet everyday. (Which is why I need to give it up for 21 days. #21daysnocheats

8. I stole… this post idea 🙂
9. I was born on the same day as… Nick Carter from backstreet boys! This as a 11 year old girl was a great fact to blurt out! Swoon, we loved BSB!

nick carter10. My all-time favorite film is… Breakfast Club. But ya knew that from my YOU Challenge, right?

11. I do a pretty mean… Jack Impersonation. I can literally make Rob chuckle with everything I think Jack is saying. And I love that. I love making Rob laugh.
12. I’m still mad… that I deleted the last episode of the 2nd season of nashville off my PVR without realising the catch up hadnt recorded it properly – #technologyletdown!
13. I met my husband… well, he is my boyfriend, but I met Rob at University. We were just friends for a few years before we had our first proper conversation (FYI most random first conversation about how bad we wanted to leave Durban and how all our friends were settling down) I knew right after that convo that he was the one I wanted to be with forever. We have been together for over 3 years, moved cities and bought a house and a pup together. Love him with all my heart.
Rob and I in Prague

Rob and I in Prague

14. I always knew I wanted… to have a job that allowed me to travel lots. So far we have done one epic Euro trip last year and I am hoping to travel more next year!
15. I’m not afraid to… speak my mind. In fact this is probably one of my strongest characters. I don’t like keeping my mouth shut – haha!
16. I make the best… Bolognaise sauce. Like its epic! YUM.

17. I have almost no…co-ordination. I cannot catch a ball without closing my eyes. Hence Running is for me, ball sports – not so much.

18. I always cry when… watching anything about children or animals getting mistreated. I once cried in an advert about kids in a car crash. So tragic!

19. I am… allergic to hair dye  but… I still get my highlights done (as long as it doesnt touch my scalp my hair wont fall out!)
20. I spent… my credit card limit on going to Europe last year – no regrets.
21. I wish my folks… would worry less. They, like me, are worriers. I worry about them, they worry about me. We all need to worry less.
22. At 5,we lived in the Eastern Cape in East London. I loved living there.
23. I believe if everyone …exercised more, the world would be a better place. More exercise would de-stress more people, and that means less angry people!

24. I can’t stand… mayonnaise. Like really, that stuff grosses me out!
25. Whenever … some bad reality show is on, I’ll watch it. I have a sick and twisted fascination with reality shows. Possible because it requires little brain activity.

Where is your happy place? What could you eat every day? Tell me your secrets!

4 thoughts on “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me {Link Up}

    • HAHAHA, thanks Lily! Unfortunately I didnt go to Bologna but I think I definitely will add that to the travel bucket list! We went to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Odense, Berlin, Prague and got stuck in Paris for a day! It was worth every penny! 🙂


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