Confessions of a Runner

Following a blog post from Francesca I decided to write some of my own Running Confessions. I realised I could relate to a lot of hers and thought it would be fun to add some of my own:


  • Lately I have had a lot of “bad run” days.
  • After signing up for my first 21km and following a training plan, I realise I don’t like following a running plan and much prefer just running when I feel like it.
  • I never really been fond of my feet, but since I have been running more, my toenails are in need of a pedi badly!
  • I can’t “eat whatever I want” just because I run. In fact if I am running I need to be super careful what I eat so that it doesn’t come back to haunt me on my run.
  • I wish I ran faster. Don’t all runners feel the same here?
  • I cough, sneeze and blow my nose while I run. It’s super sexy (not really).
  • I love my sleep but somehow getting up to run is the most exhilarating/productive part of my weekend.
  • I have massive piles of laundry each week- all of it consisting of running gear.
  • Gastrointestinal issues are a norm.
  • If I am stuck in traffic in my car, I will work out how fast it would take me to run the same distance.
  • I always feel like I have accomplished so much more in my weekend if I get a long run in.
  • Coffee must be drank after a long run, never before.
  • I secretly judge peoples’ running shoes. This is now since I have a strong pronation shoe, I envy the neutral runners.
  • I’m always kind of hungry. I am not sure this is related to my running.
  • Runners who are faster than me while pushing strollers and/or walking piss me off.
  • I have internal wars with other runners. Generally it is a speed walker or grandpa that I am chasing during a run.
  • Clicking submit on an online race registration is the most exciting part of entering. Then the planning begins.
  • The night before a race, I generally don’t sleep well, no matter what time I go to bed.
  • I fear having to go to the bathroom during a race. This is after a bad experience at the Nike Night Race in 2013. We don’t need to go there again but it was bad. I have nightmares that it will happen again.
  • Running is an instant way to make me angry that I don’t run fast and happy that I ran all at the same time. It’s a love/hate thing.

Whats your biggest Running Confession?

16 thoughts on “Confessions of a Runner

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I agree with so many! I heard that a friend pretends he is in a TV game and he has to beat the “baddies” (other runners) to win the trophy. Kinda funny!
    I need to learn about what to eat, when to eat etc. Especially the coffee part!


  2. I definitely wish I ran faster, but I try to override that thought by trying to be more content with where I am. I just went through running coach training and the instructor said that he thought that just about every runner wants to get faster, so I’m sure you’re not alone. I also judge people’s running shoes, but in a different way–I work at a running store and do gait analysis as part of my job, so I unintentionally analyze gaits as I’m running races. I see a lot of people running in very minimalist shoes who should probably be in a stability shoe!


  3. Bo says:

    Yip, agree with most of them! Sometimes, I’ll reset my trip counter of my car before I leave home and see how far 21.1 kms is. It’s freaks me out but great mental preparation. I also know that while I complain about running so slowly, I think every runner wishes they ran faster. It’s like a runner’s thing.


  4. Love this. I totally suck at following a plan too. I mean I love organizing a plan. But the free spirit in me can’t do it! I sing out loud. Some times very loudly. It’s my solo runner twist of being able to have a conversation. But coffee is very strategically drank in the morning before a run. Lol


  5. What’s better is if you’re stuck in traffic in your car & low on gas, how long would it take you to run to the nearest gas station, buy & fill a gas can, and run back.

    Everybody wants to be faster — this is a constant. I like to say that I just “go out and run,” but I always end up checking my pace while on the run (under the guise of “I should check the time to make sure I’m back in time for….something”), and I’ll try to pick up my pace if I seem slow.

    Picking up my pace means that I’m hurting for the rest of the day.

    I despise training plans – almost as much as I despise dreadmills.

    I can’t tell you the last time I wasn’t hungry.


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