Thinking Out Loud Thursdays #4: Random Questions

I am busy going through a bunch of ideas for blog posts and I came across a few random ideas that actually would work perfectly as random questions everyone would love to know about me… so here goes, my very first Random Questions:

1. What do you wish you would have gone to college for?

I wish I had gone to Chef School. I had thought about it, and it was a definite contender when I was just out of school all I wanted to do was be a pastry chef.

35_Restaurant_PastryChef_xxxlarge2. If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

Aside from every runners dream to run fast, I would actually like to be able to travel in time, I would love to see what the future holds. Does that sound as cheesy as it sounds in my head?

3. My favourite animal and why

My first teddy was a Panda Bear and I have always loved Panda’s since then. But my favourite animal is also a Giraffe, I have always loved how tall they are and how long their legs are because they are similar to me πŸ™‚

giraffepanda4. My First Car was

It was a Morris Minor, 1951 classic model with all original features. I had it for 2 weeks before it broke down and we had to sell it (it wasn’t a sensible student car to have really).

1951-morris-minor5. Your favorite smell

I love the smell of rain. Also freshly baked cookies.

6. If someone offered you one free cosmetic alteration, which would it be and why

I would want to fix the funny pigmentation I have on my face… its something that does bother me sometimes.

7. Favorite Childhood Teacher

Miss Russell, She was my English teacher in High School. She encouraged my love for poetry and creative writing.

8. You have been given R1,000,000.00 to use as you wish, however you can not keep any of it. Who would you give the money to?

My parents, my nephew and Robert – without a second thought.

9. What’s your worst date ever?

I once went on a date with a guy I met online who ordered what I ate and drank during the date and then made me pay half. If I am honest the thing that most upset me was that on top of all of that he was shorter than me. I called my mum as soon as I got into the car and cried saying I would never meet anyone worth a dam. A little over a year later I started dating Rob πŸ™‚

10. If you lost all of your belongings in a fire, what would you miss most?

My photographs. I would hate to lose all those!

Now its your turn, answer these Random Questions!

p.s Not sure what Thinking Out Loud Thursdays are about? Check out here.


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