Week 8 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This week flew past, no seriously!? Can you believe we are coming to the end of August?

I have a few things to recap on, in terms of my training, I ran all my runs this week (total of 40km) but didn’t make it to Bodypump on Monday. I am super chuffed at all the running I did though!

be a better runnerToday is also my last of the #21daysnocheats challenge. True to my honesty on this blog… I bombed this week at the #21daysnocheats challenge. I had dessert two nights this week. So I made it up to 16days without a cheat. I think what this challenge showed was that I have A LOT of sugar cravings during the day, and that when I cut out sugar I have learnt to eat better, healthier options to curb my cravings. I gave in and had pudding when we went out for dinner at a friends place twice this week. I have no regrets about it these 2 cheats. I had a healthy few days (19 days in total) and I enjoyed my little cheats too.

Right so going into week 9 of my training, what do I have planned:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 5km run; Functional Training Teaser at work; RPM
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 10km run; Bodypump
Friday: 3km run
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 10km Wanderers run followed by 6km run to make it 16km on one day.

What is your plan for this week?


Thinking Out Loud Thursdays #3: The Story Of Jack

On this fine Thursday in Joburg I am pondering various arb thoughts. Not sure what Thinking Out Loud Thursdays are about? Check out here.

Are you a Dog or a Cat person?

Take this quiz here. Such a funny blog post from a friend of mine. This post got me thinking about how I am very much a dog person. I dislike cats a lot. Its a weird and not so wonderful story. See my mum is highly allergic to cats so we never had a cat growing up. They are very unfamiliar to me, hence I don’t really like them. But I also have never met a friendly cat. I have met angry, bitchy, bossy, stuck up and just plain mean cats instead. So I guess you could say, they started my dislike really. I have mentioned it before but basically Rob and I bought a house so we could get a pet.

Rob never had a dog growing up, so he was a big kid about it and wanted a dog desperately. We wanted (still want) a Lab but our little garden is just not big enough for a big dog so we looked at various smaller breeds. Breeds with a bit of personality and unlimited cuteness. It was down to three breeds in the end: Pug, Boston Terrier or French Bulldog. A friend contacted me early Jan this year and told me about a breeder selling Pug puppies and so with that, the decision was made.

Jack 4 weeks
We chose Jack when he was just 4 weeks old. well, he chose us really. He was the biggest in the litter and he stood on his brothers and sisters heads to get to us. Rob reached out and picked him up and it was love at first sight. He was slightly darker in colouring than his other fawn brothers and sisters. We just knew he was the one for us.

Jack and Rob

So we chose him then had to wait an agonizing 2 weeks till he had his shots and could safely leave his mommy. In the meantime we came up with his name. His name is two fold really. On the one side he is named after an Arsenal soccer player, Jack Wilshire. And secondly, he is named after my nanny noo -noo (my Canadian Grandma), Jackie.

Jack and DadWe picked him up on a Tuesday, in a box with a Teddy and an old t shirt that had his mom’s smell on. From day one he had our hearts and he owned the house. He has more toys than some kids!

Jack and his toysI have also been doing the proper mummy thing to do and documenting his months with us. Each month on the 20th he gets a pic and a shout out.

6months of jack 7 monthsYesterday was his 8 months B-Day. Anyway, this is just a random post about how much I love my pug child Jack. Happy Birthday little guy, you are so very much loved. X

Jack 8 months

So are you a dog or a cat person? Do you treat your pet like your fur child?


Confessions of a Runner

Following a blog post from Francesca I decided to write some of my own Running Confessions. I realised I could relate to a lot of hers and thought it would be fun to add some of my own:


  • Lately I have had a lot of “bad run” days.
  • After signing up for my first 21km and following a training plan, I realise I don’t like following a running plan and much prefer just running when I feel like it.
  • I never really been fond of my feet, but since I have been running more, my toenails are in need of a pedi badly!
  • I can’t “eat whatever I want” just because I run. In fact if I am running I need to be super careful what I eat so that it doesn’t come back to haunt me on my run.
  • I wish I ran faster. Don’t all runners feel the same here?
  • I cough, sneeze and blow my nose while I run. It’s super sexy (not really).
  • I love my sleep but somehow getting up to run is the most exhilarating/productive part of my weekend.
  • I have massive piles of laundry each week- all of it consisting of running gear.
  • Gastrointestinal issues are a norm.
  • If I am stuck in traffic in my car, I will work out how fast it would take me to run the same distance.
  • I always feel like I have accomplished so much more in my weekend if I get a long run in.
  • Coffee must be drank after a long run, never before.
  • I secretly judge peoples’ running shoes. This is now since I have a strong pronation shoe, I envy the neutral runners.
  • I’m always kind of hungry. I am not sure this is related to my running.
  • Runners who are faster than me while pushing strollers and/or walking piss me off.
  • I have internal wars with other runners. Generally it is a speed walker or grandpa that I am chasing during a run.
  • Clicking submit on an online race registration is the most exciting part of entering. Then the planning begins.
  • The night before a race, I generally don’t sleep well, no matter what time I go to bed.
  • I fear having to go to the bathroom during a race. This is after a bad experience at the Nike Night Race in 2013. We don’t need to go there again but it was bad. I have nightmares that it will happen again.
  • Running is an instant way to make me angry that I don’t run fast and happy that I ran all at the same time. It’s a love/hate thing.

Whats your biggest Running Confession?

Week 7 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This past week my plan was to add more rest days, listen to my body and meet my goals. I am happy to say I did just that!

wake up kick butt repeat

I ran twice; Tuesday (6km) and Thursday (10km). Plus I did a RPM class as well as a Bodypump class too.

Over the weekend I was meant to run my slow long distance but I coughed the whole night on Friday and just wasn’t feeling up to it so I skipped the run and ran this morning (Monday) instead.

This week’s goals are:

  • Monday: 10km run and Bodypump class
  • Tuesday: Rest day
  • Wednesday: 8km run
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: 10km run
  • Saturday: 5km park run followed by 5km spruit run
  • Sunday: Rest day

A lot more running for this week, so I am slowing down on the other gym workouts to give my legs the rest they need. I am also minding my knee which seems to be playing up. But I am following the physios advice and sticking to the exercises!

What is your plan for the week? Any goals you are ready to smash??

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me {Link Up}

This quiz came from Julie, who stole it from Julie, who took the idea from Tina, so I thought – why not do it myself!

1. I’m happiest when… I am in my PJ’s

2.. …Especially if… I am on our couch with my love and our pug child!
3. I’ve always wanted to… own my own business! Perhaps one day my big dreams will come true 🙂
4. My Family and I… have a wicked sense of humor. Without fail someone in our family will crack a joke and have everyone howling with laughter in seconds. We cool like that.
5. I was terrible… at maths. When I was younger, I actually purposely skipped over geometry entirely in Matric because I had no clue. Even after years of extra maths, I still get easily confused with figures.

6. My First Job was… at the local wimpy at the age of 15. I worked there for a while with a very good friend, Jen. We use to get paid an hourly rate, a burger and chips with a cold drink for lunch – it was a bargain. I still love Wimpy burgers!

PL-Wimpy27. I could probably eat … something sweet everyday. (Which is why I need to give it up for 21 days. #21daysnocheats

8. I stole… this post idea 🙂
9. I was born on the same day as… Nick Carter from backstreet boys! This as a 11 year old girl was a great fact to blurt out! Swoon, we loved BSB!

nick carter10. My all-time favorite film is… Breakfast Club. But ya knew that from my YOU Challenge, right?

11. I do a pretty mean… Jack Impersonation. I can literally make Rob chuckle with everything I think Jack is saying. And I love that. I love making Rob laugh.
12. I’m still mad… that I deleted the last episode of the 2nd season of nashville off my PVR without realising the catch up hadnt recorded it properly – #technologyletdown!
13. I met my husband… well, he is my boyfriend, but I met Rob at University. We were just friends for a few years before we had our first proper conversation (FYI most random first conversation about how bad we wanted to leave Durban and how all our friends were settling down) I knew right after that convo that he was the one I wanted to be with forever. We have been together for over 3 years, moved cities and bought a house and a pup together. Love him with all my heart.
Rob and I in Prague

Rob and I in Prague

14. I always knew I wanted… to have a job that allowed me to travel lots. So far we have done one epic Euro trip last year and I am hoping to travel more next year!
15. I’m not afraid to… speak my mind. In fact this is probably one of my strongest characters. I don’t like keeping my mouth shut – haha!
16. I make the best… Bolognaise sauce. Like its epic! YUM.

17. I have almost no…co-ordination. I cannot catch a ball without closing my eyes. Hence Running is for me, ball sports – not so much.

18. I always cry when… watching anything about children or animals getting mistreated. I once cried in an advert about kids in a car crash. So tragic!

19. I am… allergic to hair dye  but… I still get my highlights done (as long as it doesnt touch my scalp my hair wont fall out!)
20. I spent… my credit card limit on going to Europe last year – no regrets.
21. I wish my folks… would worry less. They, like me, are worriers. I worry about them, they worry about me. We all need to worry less.
22. At 5,we lived in the Eastern Cape in East London. I loved living there.
23. I believe if everyone …exercised more, the world would be a better place. More exercise would de-stress more people, and that means less angry people!

24. I can’t stand… mayonnaise. Like really, that stuff grosses me out!
25. Whenever … some bad reality show is on, I’ll watch it. I have a sick and twisted fascination with reality shows. Possible because it requires little brain activity.

Where is your happy place? What could you eat every day? Tell me your secrets!

Thinking Out Loud Thursdays 2 {Link Up}

Following last weeks first post on Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, this will become a weekly spot! Yay! More ramblings from me! You know you are interested… 🙂

1. Tax return submitted!

Right, this is super boring, but its a little bit of admin I have gotten done with! And I am getting a payback! Yahooo! (My Credit Card is happy again!)

2. Don’t worry, Be happy!

I am sure I have mentioned this before but if I am repeating myself.. well, so what right? at the beginning of this year I was seriously in a bad space. A lot of things seemed to get me down. I have through the course of my running and training, made an attempt to worry less and be more positive. I can’t tell you what a difference it has all made! I am a lot more kinder to myself and others around me. A lot less stressed because I am exercising frequently. And a lot more happy with life because I focus on the positive stuff.


3. Dancing in my chair. *Chiggle = Chair Jiggle*

Following on from how happy I have been lately, I have noticed a slightly concerning problem lately. We have Highveld playing in the office while we work. Lately I have found myself dancing and singing in my chair. I am sure people think I am mad – it is an open plan office. But I cant seem to control myself – it happens before I even realise! woops! *Dance break*

chair dance4. Random Observation

During my run this morning we spotted several houses that didn’t have a wall or fence around them. I dunno why but this was truly a bizarre find considering we live in SA and Jo’burg no less. Are people not nervous to have no security around their property?

5. What Fuel to use?

Over the next few weeks I need to look at what to use to refuel during my run. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use? I have recently tried out Powerade Ion4, I will be writing a review on the product after this weekend’s long run. But what does everyone else use during long runs? I have a sensitive stomach and generally cant eat anything before I run. I have tried a protein shake before I run and that seemed to stay down OK. Anything too carby doesn’t agree with me. Anyway, i need to look at pre, during and post my run since I will be runner longer distances soon I will need to thinking carefully about what I use to refuel.

 What are your random thoughts for this thinking out loud Thursday?


The YOU Challenge – 1 Picture of YOU

In order to be true and honest I want to share with you a post I did last May. In the post, I uploaded my BEFORE pics. While I can see small changes to my own appearance, I still have a long way to go before I do an update on this old post. I had wanted to share the AFTER pics in this challenge, but  I want to wait until the changes are noticeable enough.

progress is a processI will do an update this year. I will. There, I have committed to a deadline.

For now, read the old post and check out my BEFORE pics.

before_back before_frontIts not fabulous – I dunno why I was smiling at the time.

I want so badly to improve, to tone up, to get some muscles. It was all about getting there, baring the truth, revealing it all last year. And this year its all about making it happen.

So stay tuned – I will get there. And when I do, these BEFORE pics will just be part of my history. My future will be in my AFTER pics.

before and afterSo this is the end of the YOU Challenge, Did you find it interesting? Link up with me if you decide to do your own challenge!