Week 9 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This week I didn’t do so great, but I didn’t totally suck either. I ended up running 3 days just not the total mileage I was aiming for, ended up with 12km, with 16km scheduled for tomorrow. I tried a cross fitness training class on Tuesday – it was a HIIT workout and it totally worked muscles I never realized I had. I am hoping to add this at least once a week going forward. I didn’t get round to RPM or Bodypump this week but that’s not really a biggie for me, what bums me out is my lack of improvement on my running.

Lately I have not really been enjoying my training to be honest with you. I kinda feel like I am over it really, I cant really be over it because I am committed to running the 21km but I dunno how much running I am going to be doing, lately its been a lot of walk/running. Truthfully it feels like this is the most I have walked my entire running career (ok so career is a big word for one year but you get my point).


I really feel I am capable of more. So I am trying to keep myself motivated, keep my eye on my first half marathon prize.

This week I will be doing the following work outs:

Monday: 5km run; Bodypump
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Cross Fitness Class; 12km Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 3km run
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 16km Run

What is your plan for this week? How do you keep yourself motivated? Are you enjoying your runs?


Thinking out loud Thursdays {Link Up}

 Following Amanda (from Running with Spoons) lead, I am trying out Thinking Out Loud Thursdays.

Thinking-Out-Loud2 I am not sure how much more different it will be to my current blog posts. Most of my blog posts are really just me blurting out random thoughts anyway. To get some structure (call me OCD) to this week’s first thinking out loud, I decided to write out five random thoughts, and then just expand on them. They turned out to be confessions, much like Lauren (from Will Run for Boston).

1. I cant keep plants alive.

No seriously. Not even a Cactus or Succulent is safe in our house. Check out the current plants I own and will to keep living. I think they want to leave. If only they could. Whats even more random is that people keep giving me plants! I get them for birthdays and housewarmings. They just never survive. Is it weird that I still keep them around the house when they look half dead all the time?

2. I have a chocolate addiction.

Like I can and will whack a slab of chocolate on my own and without thinking about it open a second slab. Its a problem that I thought I seriously had all the way through childhood. Even with threats that I would become diabetic and need an injection every day, that did not slow me down. I try and control myself but my will for chocolate is strong.

And I just took it too far... a bath of chocolate - Ew GROSS!

And I just took it too far… a bath of chocolate – Ewww GROSS!

This is probably why its a good idea I am doing the 21 day no cheats challenge! 🙂

3. I am terrified I won’t be able to finish 21km. This is probably a bit too serious for this kind of post, but I am having a bad week. My legs are in such pain and are just so exhausted this week. I am taking some time out this week and will get back in the game next week. At the back of my head I think I may have over extended myself with taking on a half marathon so soon. But that is for another post.

funny-yogi-berra-90-percent-game-half-mental-quote-pq-0135-2012-r4. I find putting on make up and jewellery a hack. Seriously, at times I think guys have it easy – tie, shirt, pants, belt, shoes and they are done. Girls have it so much harder. I generally forgo make up, and very seldom wear jewellery. This is pure laziness because I do like making time for makeup and getting all pretty when there is something special going on. But if I am just going to work, I don’t usually bother. I would prefer to get up a few minutes extra later and sleep in. #nomakeupselfie all day every day.

no make up selfie

me and my baby Jack!

5. I  dream big. I sometimes sit and create a life I would like to have in my mind. I can wonder and dream all day really. This either spurs me to action or sometimes on bad days I sit and wish for a better life. I have a lot of big dreams. One of them was to get this blog up and running. Another is to get lots of followers. And and even bigger dream is to get my blog making me money. I would love to one day find a job that was filled with what I am passionate about. Letting my passion pay me a salary is a big dream of mine.

i am a dreamerSo what random thoughts do have to share with me this fine Thursday? What is your greatest dream and what are you doing to achieve it?

Week 5 of 12 of Half Marathon Training

Another month has flown passed, can you believe it’s already August!?

Before I recap my July goals and chat about my goals for August, how did this weeks training go? Short answer – epic! 🙂

Monday: Bodypump class
Tuesday: 3km hills run, plus an indoor cycling class
Wednesday: rest day, but I bought my new shoes (new balance, strong promotion shoe – review on these to follow shortly)
Thursday: 10km hills run and Grit Plyo (intense HIIT class)
Friday: RPM Cycling class
Saturday: rest day ( got my hair done and chilled with the family in Durban!)
Sunday: 12km in Durban humidity… sometimes I impress myself! I didn’t run fast, check sometimes I just walked but I was still happy I got out there and did it!

Total of 25km running done, together with some strength and HIIT training. It was a good, productive week.
How did July go?
Well I have run over 90km this month! That’s a record for sure! I increased my workouts and now have a very clear workout schedule and I am training 5 days a week, with 2 days training twice! I feel unstoppable!

I weighed myself and I have lost 3kgs and 11cm overall! So I am feeling and looking fabulous too!

I am sticking to eating healthy, some new changes to come this week, stay posted!

I did a girls night, had a braai and lots of get together with family, got to go down to Durban to see my lovely family, so I am feeling happy about all of that.

All in all it was a good month and I am feeling great! August I plan to maintain these goals and keep training so that I am ready for my first half.

What are your goals? New month new challenges?

Monday Motivation

positive-quotes-71Last week I KLAPPED all my goals! (Klapped = whacked/smashed for all my Overseas followers!)

  • 3 km walk with Jack one afternoon.
  • Ran a total of 16.7km over 4 days.
  • 1x BodyPump class.

This week for my training I am stepping it up:

  • 3 runs this week (17km total)
  • 2 weight training sessions (BodyPump)
  • 1 cardio session that is not running (RPM cycling session)
  • 2 full rest days

What are your goals for this week? What goal are you working towards?

But Baby it’s cold outside!

So I am all set to run tomorrow. I just need to pick up my race number after work today. Got this text this morning:

IMG-20140606-WA0001But guys,  on a very serious note, its flipping freezing here today – it was minus 1 this morning! EEK! OK so I know my followers overseas are going “Is she for real, that ain’t cold sista!” But really most South Africans are not built for winter (including me). Our houses don’t have central heating, and well, we are just big sissies when it comes to cold weather because in most areas it doesn’t get THAT cold often, we are just spoilt I guess!

So the cold front is set to continue into the weekend (side note: why is it that its great weather for work during the week and crap on the weekend??). So this will make the start of my race VERY interesting. I will have to dress appropriately, but the problem comes in that when I start running I warm up quick; and half way through the race the sun will be shining and life will be happy again! How do you winter folk deal with running in the elements?

I saw this quote and realised that maybe I need to put my big girl panties on and get out there and RUN!