Week 9 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This week I didn’t do so great, but I didn’t totally suck either. I ended up running 3 days just not the total mileage I was aiming for, ended up with 12km, with 16km scheduled for tomorrow. I tried a cross fitness training class on Tuesday – it was a HIIT workout and it totally worked muscles I never realized I had. I am hoping to add this at least once a week going forward. I didn’t get round to RPM or Bodypump this week but that’s not really a biggie for me, what bums me out is my lack of improvement on my running.

Lately I have not really been enjoying my training to be honest with you. I kinda feel like I am over it really, I cant really be over it because I am committed to running the 21km but I dunno how much running I am going to be doing, lately its been a lot of walk/running. Truthfully it feels like this is the most I have walked my entire running career (ok so career is a big word for one year but you get my point).


I really feel I am capable of more. So I am trying to keep myself motivated, keep my eye on my first half marathon prize.

This week I will be doing the following work outs:

Monday: 5km run; Bodypump
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Cross Fitness Class; 12km Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 3km run
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 16km Run

What is your plan for this week? How do you keep yourself motivated? Are you enjoying your runs?


Thinking Out Loud Thursdays #3: The Story Of Jack

On this fine Thursday in Joburg I am pondering various arb thoughts. Not sure what Thinking Out Loud Thursdays are about? Check out here.

Are you a Dog or a Cat person?

Take this quiz here. Such a funny blog post from a friend of mine. This post got me thinking about how I am very much a dog person. I dislike cats a lot. Its a weird and not so wonderful story. See my mum is highly allergic to cats so we never had a cat growing up. They are very unfamiliar to me, hence I don’t really like them. But I also have never met a friendly cat. I have met angry, bitchy, bossy, stuck up and just plain mean cats instead. So I guess you could say, they started my dislike really. I have mentioned it before but basically Rob and I bought a house so we could get a pet.

Rob never had a dog growing up, so he was a big kid about it and wanted a dog desperately. We wanted (still want) a Lab but our little garden is just not big enough for a big dog so we looked at various smaller breeds. Breeds with a bit of personality and unlimited cuteness. It was down to three breeds in the end: Pug, Boston Terrier or French Bulldog. A friend contacted me early Jan this year and told me about a breeder selling Pug puppies and so with that, the decision was made.

Jack 4 weeks
We chose Jack when he was just 4 weeks old. well, he chose us really. He was the biggest in the litter and he stood on his brothers and sisters heads to get to us. Rob reached out and picked him up and it was love at first sight. He was slightly darker in colouring than his other fawn brothers and sisters. We just knew he was the one for us.

Jack and Rob

So we chose him then had to wait an agonizing 2 weeks till he had his shots and could safely leave his mommy. In the meantime we came up with his name. His name is two fold really. On the one side he is named after an Arsenal soccer player, Jack Wilshire. And secondly, he is named after my nanny noo -noo (my Canadian Grandma), Jackie.

Jack and DadWe picked him up on a Tuesday, in a box with a Teddy and an old t shirt that had his mom’s smell on. From day one he had our hearts and he owned the house. He has more toys than some kids!

Jack and his toysI have also been doing the proper mummy thing to do and documenting his months with us. Each month on the 20th he gets a pic and a shout out.

6months of jack 7 monthsYesterday was his 8 months B-Day. Anyway, this is just a random post about how much I love my pug child Jack. Happy Birthday little guy, you are so very much loved. X

Jack 8 months

So are you a dog or a cat person? Do you treat your pet like your fur child?


Thinking out loud Thursdays {Link Up}

 Following Amanda (from Running with Spoons) lead, I am trying out Thinking Out Loud Thursdays.

Thinking-Out-Loud2 I am not sure how much more different it will be to my current blog posts. Most of my blog posts are really just me blurting out random thoughts anyway. To get some structure (call me OCD) to this week’s first thinking out loud, I decided to write out five random thoughts, and then just expand on them. They turned out to be confessions, much like Lauren (from Will Run for Boston).

1. I cant keep plants alive.

No seriously. Not even a Cactus or Succulent is safe in our house. Check out the current plants I own and will to keep living. I think they want to leave. If only they could. Whats even more random is that people keep giving me plants! I get them for birthdays and housewarmings. They just never survive. Is it weird that I still keep them around the house when they look half dead all the time?

2. I have a chocolate addiction.

Like I can and will whack a slab of chocolate on my own and without thinking about it open a second slab. Its a problem that I thought I seriously had all the way through childhood. Even with threats that I would become diabetic and need an injection every day, that did not slow me down. I try and control myself but my will for chocolate is strong.

And I just took it too far... a bath of chocolate - Ew GROSS!

And I just took it too far… a bath of chocolate – Ewww GROSS!

This is probably why its a good idea I am doing the 21 day no cheats challenge! 🙂

3. I am terrified I won’t be able to finish 21km. This is probably a bit too serious for this kind of post, but I am having a bad week. My legs are in such pain and are just so exhausted this week. I am taking some time out this week and will get back in the game next week. At the back of my head I think I may have over extended myself with taking on a half marathon so soon. But that is for another post.

funny-yogi-berra-90-percent-game-half-mental-quote-pq-0135-2012-r4. I find putting on make up and jewellery a hack. Seriously, at times I think guys have it easy – tie, shirt, pants, belt, shoes and they are done. Girls have it so much harder. I generally forgo make up, and very seldom wear jewellery. This is pure laziness because I do like making time for makeup and getting all pretty when there is something special going on. But if I am just going to work, I don’t usually bother. I would prefer to get up a few minutes extra later and sleep in. #nomakeupselfie all day every day.

no make up selfie

me and my baby Jack!

5. I  dream big. I sometimes sit and create a life I would like to have in my mind. I can wonder and dream all day really. This either spurs me to action or sometimes on bad days I sit and wish for a better life. I have a lot of big dreams. One of them was to get this blog up and running. Another is to get lots of followers. And and even bigger dream is to get my blog making me money. I would love to one day find a job that was filled with what I am passionate about. Letting my passion pay me a salary is a big dream of mine.

i am a dreamerSo what random thoughts do have to share with me this fine Thursday? What is your greatest dream and what are you doing to achieve it?

Goals for July

I don’t wanna bore Ya’ll with my weekly updates, so with the new month starting tomorrow, I bring you….. MEG’s MONTHLY GOALS.

healthy-foods-exercise-happy monster

“Meg the Happy Healthy Monster”

Get Fit Training schedule looks like this:

  • At least 4 workout sessions a week – Body pump, Runs, Races, Super circuit, Gym, anything that gets me sweaty and losing weight, toning and getting FIT!
  • I have two races planned for this month – Pirates 10km and the Kaya FM 67km Relay for Mandela Day (just doing 6.7km)

Get Happy Goals:

  • I will be carrying on with my YOU Challenge each week for July.
  • I want to try and plan to see friends more often – have more braai’s and dinners.
  • Photography
  • Craft projects around the house – thanks to pinterest I have plenty!

Get Healthy Goals:

  • Keep trying new healthy recipes
  • Cutting out/ limiting the bad food
  • Drink 4 x 750ml water a day
  • Pack a  healthy Lunch with Protein Shake for work each day
  • No Starch meals for dinner at least 3 times a week

What are your goals for July?

How did the week’s goals go?

This week  was a good week!

create your future, goals motivation
MONDAY: I went to gym, and did the super circuit, So super right? My calves ached for the rest of the week from all the stairs!
TUESDAY:I tried a new no starch recipe, Skinny Citrus Chicken – totally YUM!
WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday I posted about my YOU challenge; went for a morning run and evening walk – both added up to 4km. I have a 2km route that I am trying to time myself and improve my overall pace per KM, but I had sore calves and cramped half way. Meh, at least I did it right!? In the afternoon I took Jack for a walk/run for 2km’s… still had sore legs but it was nice to get out a bit with my pup. 🙂
THURSDAY: I went to my bodypump class on Thursday eve as planned. Made no bake Granola Bites – totally yum, and no refined sugar!
FRIDAY: was suppose to be a rest day 🙂 but we woke up early, couldn’t sleep, so we took Jack and ran the 2km route. I think some parts of the route I was holding Jack back, that pug can run!!

SATURDAY: Rob and I planned to run the 5km Delta parkrun. But I didn’t sleep well, coughing and ended up getting a massive headache, so we skipped the run. We went to Builders Warehouse and got all sorts of stuff for the house and my diy projects. Then we had lunch with Rob’s family and went to the civic center in town and watched an incredible show – a must see!
SUNDAY: Woke up at 5.30am and ran a massive 12km run, which was mostly hills, we ran all the up to Northcliff tower. We saw the sunrise and immediately made my weekend that much better!
Aside from laundry Sunday, we went for lunch and doggie meet up with Rob’s Family too, Jack just loves his cousin Max!

This week I kept up with my protein shake as a snack in the afternoons, before I work out, also drinking lots of water (atleast 4 x 750.ml bottles a day).

So all in all a good week! So how did your week go?

The YOU Challenge – 9 Loves

So following from 10 secrets/facts about me, the next is 9 loves. This is an easy one for me, I have so many loves, but here are my TOP 9:

1. My Rob, my love. He is my best friend, soulmate, light of my life. He makes everything better 🙂

387438_509045000672_1338992970_n2. Jack, our pugchild. That pug. He has stolen my heart.

10170926_10202038842348313_3827727030929312876_n3. My family. I have a crazy family! But I love them all! I don’t speak about my family often on my blog, but here is a bit about my crazy, loving family. My mum, she is my best friend. We speak almost every day. She knows all my secrets. She is a bitchin’ baker and the reason why I love to cook and bake. My dad, wow, he is the strongest person I know. He has a hearty laugh that is contagious and even though I get my stubborn nature from him, he is also the reason I know how to stand up for myself. My baby bro, my little brother – well he is taller than me – but still. He is an inspiration to me. He has achieved so much (way more than me) and well, we tight. And then last but not least (although she be tiny, she is fierce!) my bro’s nutty wife, my sista! She is so caring and thoughtful and continues to surprise me with thoughtful gestures and kind words – always at the right moments. She recently made me cry, in a good way, by asking me to be the godmother to my nephew.


And another plus about Rob, is he has an awesome family! I have a few pics, but I am missing a nice pic of Rob’s folks. Rob’s sister and I have heaps in common, she loves crafts, wine, cooking and running as much as I do. Her Hubby is by the far the funniest guy I know. He has the same sarcastic, witty sense of humor as myself, and he dislikes cats a bit more than I do. 🙂 Rob’s mum sends me messages after every post on my blog, always with words of encouragement. And its no secret that after meeting Rob’s dad for the first time I told my mum that if Rob grows up to be half the man his dad is, I have scored big time. He has the same passion for woodworking like my dad, is a runner (still running strong!), a quiet man who has a great smile.

IMG_00064. Food. Seriously, this whole post about 9 loves could be  all about food I love. Cheese, Chocolate, Pasta, Fillet Steak…. the list goes on. Yum. Now I am hungry.

5. Our House. We recently bought our first home. One of the main reasons we bought our home was for the garden (so that we could get Jack) but I really love our Porch. I love drinking wine, watching Jack and Rob run around like crazy from our porch.

6. Artwork. I love finding local talented artists; we have a few up in our house. Check out these two artists: Alex Hamilton and Hasie & the Robots

7. My running shoes. At the end of last year, Rob treated me by taking me to a running guy to check out my gant and running stride and see what shoes would be best for me. I was completely expecting just to find out. Rob ended up buying them for me.

8.Laughing. Making people laugh, laughing myself. Anything that makes me smile and giggle. A good belly chuckle! These crazy friends of mine make me laugh ALL the time. Love these girls!

155353_505313289052_7197922_n9. Traveling and exploring new places. Rob and I have the same view when it comes to travel. We want to do more of it. We want to go everywhere. We keep a list of local places as well as international places, and we are trying to hit everything and more on that list. We love exploring our city, and try go to a new place, new restaurant, new spot every month or so. Plus I love photography – woops that’s 10 loves!


What do you love?




Monday Motivation

life-quotes-07This really resonates with me this week. And perfect Monday motivation! Let go and move forward! Here is what I have planned for this week:

  1. Get some weight training in – this is key for runner peeps! Get it in!
  2. Run at least 10km
  3. Continue with my pushups – lets try get 5 a day in!
  4. Continue with the 30day ab Challenge, there is still a chance to join in – DO IT!
  5. Continue to limit carbs/no starch for 3 dinners a week, some exciting recipes to share with you this week 🙂

This week I have taken some leave off work – Thursday and Friday, and the following Monday is a public holiday so I have a mini break of sleeping in, cuddles with Jack and Rob, TV watching and just general loving each other. I know Rob will want to get stuck into the garden, he is on a mission with getting our garden in tip top shape! I am looking forward to just relaxing and chilling out.

So how is your week looking? What plans do you have?