Worldless Wednesday {Link Up}

I loved the idea behind Wordless Wednesday, get the full details here. Often I think I ramble and talk too much. So this post will allow me to post a pic or image that speaks for itself. It will be based on what is going on in my life, how I am feeling etc.

http://runningwiththesunrise.comSo here goes, my first Wordless Wednesday:



Week 8 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This week flew past, no seriously!? Can you believe we are coming to the end of August?

I have a few things to recap on, in terms of my training, I ran all my runs this week (total of 40km) but didn’t make it to Bodypump on Monday. I am super chuffed at all the running I did though!

be a better runnerToday is also my last of the #21daysnocheats challenge. True to my honesty on this blog… I bombed this week at the #21daysnocheats challenge. I had dessert two nights this week. So I made it up to 16days without a cheat. I think what this challenge showed was that I have A LOT of sugar cravings during the day, and that when I cut out sugar I have learnt to eat better, healthier options to curb my cravings. I gave in and had pudding when we went out for dinner at a friends place twice this week. I have no regrets about it these 2 cheats. I had a healthy few days (19 days in total) and I enjoyed my little cheats too.

Right so going into week 9 of my training, what do I have planned:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 5km run; Functional Training Teaser at work; RPM
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 10km run; Bodypump
Friday: 3km run
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 10km Wanderers run followed by 6km run to make it 16km on one day.

What is your plan for this week?

New month, New Challenges

So I don’t know about anyone else, but the downside to winter here in Jozi is that I suffer badly from sinus headaches. Its because of how dry it get up here. The painful truth is that I suffered the exact same fate of sinus headaches in Durban, with the humidity, but only Spring was the killer for me. So basically everywhere, dependent on season, I get a headache – Lucky me.

But this is a recurrence I have had to deal with for 32 years, so I am not using it as an excuse to meet my goals and reach my dreams of getting fit, happy, healthy. With a new month, and a fresh week I thought I would set out some goals for the month of June. Here are my goals for June:

1. 30 day abs challenge

2. 1 push up a day for 100 Days. I started yesterday, the goal is to be able to increase number of push ups as I go. For now, even 1 is a mission.

Image3. Run at least 10km a week. On the 8th of July I plan to run the Pirates 10km, this was my first race last year, and I want to get a PB time for this race, so I need to put in the training.

4. On top of running, continue to work out at least once a week – weight training.

5. Cut out carbs for at least 3 dinners a week – eek, this is a big one for me!

So what goals do you have for this month?