Technical Tuesday: How to get more followers

I wrote this post as a guest post on Blogshareconnect and thought it was worth posting here as well.

I started my blog last year so technically I am still a newbie, learning the ropes on how to blog and the top of mind question for me lately has been how to get more followers? If you are newbie like me, you will know how exciting it is when you check your blog and see you have a new follower – every single person that follows you want to find them and give them a hug and thank them so much for thinking you were worthy enough for a follow.


For the this first Technical Tuesday post I bring you a very informational post on “How to get more followers” –Keep in mind I am not an expert, but this is what I have found is working for me:

  1. I recently switched from BlogSpot to Word Press, it was preference thing. I found BlogSpot limiting and Word Press has made it easier for people to follow my blog. Problem was I was worried I would lose the existing followers I had on BlogSpot if I moved. It’s actually pretty easy to avoid. I amended my feed burner account and redirected my BlogSpot account to Word Press and voila, I have kept my old followers intact. This is a really good article that shows you step by step how to do this. The most important note is DO NOT DELETE YOUR OLD BLOGSPOT BLOG! Just redirect it to your new one!
  2. Join I joined Bloglovin, and claimed my blog as my own. At the moment I only have 39 followers on Bloglovin but I am hoping this increases. This is a great article on how to use bloglovin to get more followers.
  3. I link my posts to my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin – so EVERYONE sees my posts. The aim is to get retweets, likes and clicks-through to my posts this way. If people like your content enough, the idea is the more stuff they see that interests them; they will subscribe and follow you. If all goes to plan that is, you should get more followers.
  4. Pinterest, I am not sure if this is really working but the idea is if you increase your followers on pinterest, then it may spill over to your blog.

So this is what I am working on, to try and get more followers! Granted, I still have a fair bit left to do, but it is working. Remember you still need to put in time on your posts, making them read worthy of your followers to keep your followers. I hope this has helped and been informative – and made you want to follow me, right?

follow-meWhat do you do to keep and grow your followers?