Week 9 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This week I didn’t do so great, but I didn’t totally suck either. I ended up running 3 days just not the total mileage I was aiming for, ended up with 12km, with 16km scheduled for tomorrow. I tried a cross fitness training class on Tuesday – it was a HIIT workout and it totally worked muscles I never realized I had. I am hoping to add this at least once a week going forward. I didn’t get round to RPM or Bodypump this week but that’s not really a biggie for me, what bums me out is my lack of improvement on my running.

Lately I have not really been enjoying my training to be honest with you. I kinda feel like I am over it really, I cant really be over it because I am committed to running the 21km but I dunno how much running I am going to be doing, lately its been a lot of walk/running. Truthfully it feels like this is the most I have walked my entire running career (ok so career is a big word for one year but you get my point).


I really feel I am capable of more. So I am trying to keep myself motivated, keep my eye on my first half marathon prize.

This week I will be doing the following work outs:

Monday: 5km run; Bodypump
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Cross Fitness Class; 12km Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 3km run
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 16km Run

What is your plan for this week? How do you keep yourself motivated? Are you enjoying your runs?


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Have you ever noticed that the minute you take in negative energy, have a bad day, in a bad mood – the whole world looks glum?

I have had my fair share of rainy days. My moods have swung from Highs to Low Lows in a matter of seconds. I have felt so alone in a room full of people.

Most people think I am bubbly, funny, extroverted and confident. I am not. Its a complete act. A disguise for a very insecure, scared, uncomfortable girl. I tend not to share a lot of myself with people. I have been hurt in the past. I tend not to shout out when I am sad and tell people around me what is going on.

This leads me to be a resting shoulder for others. Lately I have been feeling my feelings are bubbly at the surface, I am getting a voice but I cant seem to get my words out. So I am left listening to everyone elses worries and woes while my own is left on the side lines. Have you ever noticed how most people don’t listen to you? They just want to get out their own stuff? Is it just me, or don’t you find that no one really cares whats going on with you, they are so wrapped up in themselves? Normally this would suit me well, I don’t like being in the spotlight. Mostly because I take peoples words and twist it into something negative. Like they are only asking how I am so that they can point out my flaws, they want to see my weaknesses. Its bizarre to everyone who knows me that I feel this way. Perhaps because they just don’t understand me. Perhaps the main problem I don’t understand me.

This is turning into a bit of tangent/rant. But I guess what I am trying to say is that I need to worry less, and try be more happy. Internally happy. Because what appears on the outside of me looks happy but what is under my skin is like a disease boiling to the surface every now and then. Waiting patiently for a rainy day, so it can seep out of me like a bad wound.



Week 3 of 12 of Half Marathon Training

This week was action packed. Despite my constant calf worry I have upped my working out regime considerably!


Monday: Bodypump
Tuesday: 3km run in the morning, and my first RPM class (which is epic, definitely try it out!)
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: Bodypump and an evening 6.4km run
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 5km Parkrun at Woodmead
Sunday: 8km run

So a total of 22.4km run this week, as well as some Les Mills classes. Really quite chuffed with my hard work especially with my calf acting up. As soon as I know more about my calf issue, I will keep you all updated!

How did your weeks goals go?

A Realistic Finish Time

I am trying to plan in my mind and in my training what my goal finish time will be for my first ever half marathon. Its not only a physical obstacle of training for a half marathon, but also the mental training I need to do as well. Part of this mental training is setting realistic goals and planning on how I reach them.

goal without a plan is a wishI am already starting to worry and stress that perhaps this goal to run 21km is tad out of reach for me. What with my cramping calves issue, its really messing with my time, and subsequently messing with my head. But I figure the best way to avoid disappointment is to work with a realistic goal.

There are a few websites on the net that help you work out what your time will be or what your pace should be to finish in a certain time. You can check out these sites which I found very helpful:

Having looked at my current pace, and my time for a 10km, I have my eyes on a sub 3hr prize for my first half marathon. Even if it is 2hrs 59min 59 sec! But the fact is, whatever my time is for my first half, it will be PR and I need to remind myself of this, that this is a first of many and there will always be room to improve in the next half marathon race.

sub 3 hour half marathonWhat is the best time you have done for your first half marathon? Any advice you can share?

Down with the sickness

So then I got sick. meh. I did my abs and push ups yesterday and honestly felt like I was going to pass out afterwards. Perhaps not the best idea to push your body when it clearly wants none of that.

Getting sick the week I have a holiday break planned, great just great, and it would be the week when I was going to up my working out and fitness.

I really hate feeling sick and am feeling massively sorry for myself. So I am off to the chemist to get some meds.


I hope you are feeling better than me today?