Get Your Sh!t Together September!

Following Ash’s lead, welcome to the first day of September which will now be referred to as “Get Your Shit Together” September (#GYSTS)!

GYSTS14Its the first day of spring here and summer is fast approaching, so its a perfect time to get your shit together! Plus this is the month that I run my FIRST HALF MARATHON – can you feel the excitement? The nerves are certainly kicking in!

So how am I getting my shit together?? Here is how:

1. Run – Run your day your way. I am taking this literally, by running A LOT. Also I am going to be in charge of my days/weeks and month by running my day and staying in check with all my goals.

while you were sleeping i was running2. Breathe – Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am going to not stress out about things that are totally beyond my control.

enjoy the little things3. Listen – Listen to my body and rest when I need to, but also listen to the advice from my support group as well. This is something I take for granted. I need to listen and take other people’s advice sometimes!

4. Health – Looking after my body and my health. Running looks after my fitness and body but I also need to watch what I eat. After my 21days no cheats experiment I realise how often I crave unhealthy food and how I need to curb these cravings by eating the right food at the right time.

5. Happiness – After my 21km, Rob and I are taking some time off work to have a bit of a holiday and relax at the end of September so this will be a great reward to look forward to. My happy place is with him.

So how what are you goals this September?





Week 9 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This week I didn’t do so great, but I didn’t totally suck either. I ended up running 3 days just not the total mileage I was aiming for, ended up with 12km, with 16km scheduled for tomorrow. I tried a cross fitness training class on Tuesday – it was a HIIT workout and it totally worked muscles I never realized I had. I am hoping to add this at least once a week going forward. I didn’t get round to RPM or Bodypump this week but that’s not really a biggie for me, what bums me out is my lack of improvement on my running.

Lately I have not really been enjoying my training to be honest with you. I kinda feel like I am over it really, I cant really be over it because I am committed to running the 21km but I dunno how much running I am going to be doing, lately its been a lot of walk/running. Truthfully it feels like this is the most I have walked my entire running career (ok so career is a big word for one year but you get my point).


I really feel I am capable of more. So I am trying to keep myself motivated, keep my eye on my first half marathon prize.

This week I will be doing the following work outs:

Monday: 5km run; Bodypump
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Cross Fitness Class; 12km Run
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 3km run
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 16km Run

What is your plan for this week? How do you keep yourself motivated? Are you enjoying your runs?

Worldless Wednesday {Link Up}

I loved the idea behind Wordless Wednesday, get the full details here. Often I think I ramble and talk too much. So this post will allow me to post a pic or image that speaks for itself. It will be based on what is going on in my life, how I am feeling etc.

http://runningwiththesunrise.comSo here goes, my first Wordless Wednesday:


Week 7 of 12 Half Marathon Training

This past week my plan was to add more rest days, listen to my body and meet my goals. I am happy to say I did just that!

wake up kick butt repeat

I ran twice; Tuesday (6km) and Thursday (10km). Plus I did a RPM class as well as a Bodypump class too.

Over the weekend I was meant to run my slow long distance but I coughed the whole night on Friday and just wasn’t feeling up to it so I skipped the run and ran this morning (Monday) instead.

This week’s goals are:

  • Monday: 10km run and Bodypump class
  • Tuesday: Rest day
  • Wednesday: 8km run
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: 10km run
  • Saturday: 5km park run followed by 5km spruit run
  • Sunday: Rest day

A lot more running for this week, so I am slowing down on the other gym workouts to give my legs the rest they need. I am also minding my knee which seems to be playing up. But I am following the physios advice and sticking to the exercises!

What is your plan for the week? Any goals you are ready to smash??

Thinking Out Loud Thursdays 2 {Link Up}

Following last weeks first post on Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, this will become a weekly spot! Yay! More ramblings from me! You know you are interested… 🙂

1. Tax return submitted!

Right, this is super boring, but its a little bit of admin I have gotten done with! And I am getting a payback! Yahooo! (My Credit Card is happy again!)

2. Don’t worry, Be happy!

I am sure I have mentioned this before but if I am repeating myself.. well, so what right? at the beginning of this year I was seriously in a bad space. A lot of things seemed to get me down. I have through the course of my running and training, made an attempt to worry less and be more positive. I can’t tell you what a difference it has all made! I am a lot more kinder to myself and others around me. A lot less stressed because I am exercising frequently. And a lot more happy with life because I focus on the positive stuff.


3. Dancing in my chair. *Chiggle = Chair Jiggle*

Following on from how happy I have been lately, I have noticed a slightly concerning problem lately. We have Highveld playing in the office while we work. Lately I have found myself dancing and singing in my chair. I am sure people think I am mad – it is an open plan office. But I cant seem to control myself – it happens before I even realise! woops! *Dance break*

chair dance4. Random Observation

During my run this morning we spotted several houses that didn’t have a wall or fence around them. I dunno why but this was truly a bizarre find considering we live in SA and Jo’burg no less. Are people not nervous to have no security around their property?

5. What Fuel to use?

Over the next few weeks I need to look at what to use to refuel during my run. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use? I have recently tried out Powerade Ion4, I will be writing a review on the product after this weekend’s long run. But what does everyone else use during long runs? I have a sensitive stomach and generally cant eat anything before I run. I have tried a protein shake before I run and that seemed to stay down OK. Anything too carby doesn’t agree with me. Anyway, i need to look at pre, during and post my run since I will be runner longer distances soon I will need to thinking carefully about what I use to refuel.

 What are your random thoughts for this thinking out loud Thursday?


Week 6 of 12 Half Marathon Training: HALF WAY!

Confession time.

confessionI took the week off. I didn’t run, or exercise all week!

After my 12km on Sunday, my legs felt really tired so I gave myself Monday off. But by Tuesday my legs and knees were still sore and I had a moment of “I am tired of feeling tired and sore” – So I sulked and didn’t run Tuesday, or Wednesday. By Thursday I was kinda happy I hadn’t run and decided to break until Sundays race (the Sandton to Soweto 10km).

In the end I have no regrets for taking the week off. My legs were kind to me on Sunday – I had no pain while running (except a niggling knee) and I finished strong and in good time (1hr 16min).

What has this week taught me? Well perhaps I have been over doing my training just a bit.

Most people when they train for a half marathon (at my level of fitness) just focus on running the required Km’s a week – with no strength training. I am not saying that is the right way to go about it. I really do believe my strength training will help my legs in the long run. But what it says is that I perhaps need to slow down and take the required rest days.

rest-day-big-deal-1So here is this week’s plan:

  • Monday: Rest Day after yesterday’s run
  • Tuesday: 8km run; and RPM in the afternoon
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 10km Hills training; and BodyPump
  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: 10km Long and Slow Run
  • Sunday: Rest Day

I am at this point in my training where I want to be so much more ahead of where I am – I want to be fitter, stronger and faster. But I think the most important thing I can do is stop and listen to my body. As the weeks go by toward my first 21km, the runs will increase in distance so its a good thing I learn this important fact sooner rather than later. I don’t want to burn myself out to the point where I don’t get to run at all.

mind-2-body-pilates-gym-inspiring-fitness-quotes-sayings-take-care-of-your-body-exercise-motivational-statements-famous-quotesSo what is your confession this week? How is your training going? What are your plans for this week? Do you take the right amount of rest days for your body?

Product Review: Parkrun Wristband

*Disclaimer: this is my own opinion, I was not paid to do this review*

I recently bought my Parkrun wristband via Tenbits website.

About Tenbits: They as a company are all about empowering runners and the sport of running in South Africa. They have created these wristbands which have your Parkrun barcode on the strap, as well as your emergency contact details (name, emergency contact, medical aid name and number). Another cool thing about Tenbits, if you buy a Parkrun wristband from them, they donate 10% back to Parkrun events. Since Parkruns are free and volunteer based, you are giving back to keeping your Parkrun alive!


Price: The cost is minimal given all the benefits of it. Its R139.

Delivery: You can pay extra to have it delivered, or you can opt to collect at your closest Sweatshop (FYI, newbie runners like myself go to Sweatshop to get the right pair of shoes – but that’s for another post).

Look and feel: It comes in pink or black. *warning: check the size of your wrist. I have the medium Areo wristband, but Rob needs the Bold version (which is R10 more expensive and comes in black or white).

aero parkrun wristbandaero parkrun wristband

Pro’s: If you run Parkrun frequently – YOU NEED TO GET THIS! Say good bye to carrying bits of paper on you while you run. Its easy to wear and less distracting to hold or carry. Plus it has all your important info stored on it so  I use it even when I am running around the neighbourhood. So heck, even if you are just a runner, cyclist, outdoorsy person – you need this. Wearing something like this while you are running could save your life if you get hit by a car or something else terrible happens to you on the road, those emergency details will help to help you when you can’t help yourself.

Con’s: I must be honest I was a bit disappointed with the colour. I ordered the pink version. On the website it looks like its going to be hot lumo pink, but its more like a faded, pastel pink. But that’s the 80’s in me – Love lumo, and bright colours!

Using the product: As I said previously, I have used it on my local runs ( i actually wear it at work too). But I am yet to try it out on a an actual Parkrun. I go away this weekend, and then next weekend I run the Sandton to Soweto 10km. But I will be sure to review this product next month at my next park run which is the Delta Park Run!

Final Verdict Say: Get it! 🙂

aero parkrun wristband